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Our Phase 2 wave 1 CBPAY Airdrop is officially Closed! 🍾

We are thrilled to announce that our Second Phase wave1 CBPAY airdrop has been a resounding success! We will distribute CBPAY tokens to 1486 eligible users, enriching the digital wallets and lives of our dedicated community members.


  • Total Tokens to be distributed: 200 million CBPAY tokens
  • Participation: Tokens will be distributed to all 1486 participants
  • Engagement: Robust participation in social activities, retweets, and Discord Channel

    If you have already set up your trustline, your CBPAY tokens should be soon visible in your balance. Please follow our detailed guide link to claim your tokens. Remember, you have 60 days to claim your tokens. Ensure you follow the steps promptly to secure your share.


    The journey doesn't end here. We're gearing up for the next wave of our CBPAY airdrop, promising even more opportunities to be part of our growing ecosystem. If you thought the first wave was exciting, just wait until you see what we have in store for you next!

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    About CBPAY Token

    CoinbarPay emerges as a transformative force in the digital currency landscape, poised to revolutionize how cryptocurrencies are utilized in the real world.

    The CBPAY token is designed with a multifaceted utility model that extends beyond mere transactions, embedding itself as a core component of the digital economy ecosystem it supports. In the following sections, we will present the core elements of CBPAY, including its innovative real-world tokenomics, the foundational principles driving its inception, and the intricate reward mechanism that distinguishes it from other token-like projects.

    Whether you are a user, developer, merchant, or enthusiast in the digital economy, CBPAY offers an avenue to engage with a crypto-asset that not only facilitates seamless transactions but also fosters a vibrant community through incentivization.


    Benefits of Using CBPAY Token

    CBPAY introduces a novel incentive mechanism called RSH (rewarding spending and holding) of CBPAY tokens, which is pivotal in fostering user engagement and network growth. This innovative reward system incentivizes users not only for spending CBPAY tokens but also for holding them, thereby encouraging active participation in the ecosystem and contributing to its expansion.

    Consumer Benefits

    Consumer Rewards

    Consumers are incentivized for every purchase made with accepted cryptocurrencies and CBPAY tokens through a crypto-back mechanism, where a percentage of each transaction value is returned to their wallet.

    Merchants Benefits

    Merchants Rewards

    Merchants accepting CBPAY tokens enjoy reduced transaction fees compared to traditional payment systems, making integration economically advantageous.

    Staking Benefits

    Staking Rewards

    CBPAY offers a staking rewards program to incentivize token holders to stake their CBPAY tokens in a dedicated non-custodial wallet

    Staking Benefits

    Ambassadors Rewards

    CBPAY recognizes the contributions of business developers who expand its merchant network by offering them commissions based on the transaction volume of onboarded merchants.

    Staking Benefits

    Creator Rewards

    By using CBPAY for transactions and creating engaging content around these experiences, creators can earn rewards correlated with the engagement metrics of their posts.

    Staking Benefits

    Token Burn & milestones

    CBPAY implements a sophisticated reward mechanism where part of the transaction fees is allocated to a token burn pool, reducing the total supply periodically to ensure scarcity and value appreciation.

    Token Allocation

    The tokenomics of CBPAY is meticulously crafted to balance functionality, sustainability, and rewarding participation, thereby fostering a robust ecosystem for its users. With a total supply capped at 40 billion tokens.

    For more info please visit the whitepaper Section.

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